Where to go?

Hi everyone!

Current booklets -> choose your internship! :)

1) If you are interested in an IADS Exchange - fill in the Application form (don´t forget the stamp) - you will find it in the section Download!

2) If you are interested only in EDSA (EVP), just send us your preferences by e-mail (max. 3 countries).

3) If you are interested in both, send us the IADS application form plus your EDSA preferences and don´t forget to let us know which ones you prefer (IADS/EDSA) so we can start with the right ones!

We will always start from number 1 and if they cannot accept you, we´ll continue... Always contact your Local Exchange Officer, who will talk to the National Exchange Officer!

Current booklet IADS

Current booklet EDSA - EVP Program