The Healthy Tooth in the Healthy World

To most of the people brushing their teeth may seems to be a commonplace issue which everybody can handle, but in fact, several problems of the oral cavity are caused by the use of not appropriate brushing techniques. Caries is not the only example, but even injured gingiva is a common outcome of mistakenly learned brushing manners

Many myths and half-truths about brushing the teeth exist and we have been learning these mistakes since childhood. As a result not only children, but especially a quite high number of adults using the inept and sometimes even dangerous and health-threatening techniques. Thus it would appear to be very important and necessary to show and explain to people how to use right dental tools in a gentle but effective way and motivate them to take care about their oral health.

We, dental students, being future dentists are also aware of the importance of prophylaxis and we want to contribute some effort to protection of the health even before we would become dentists with our own practice.

Brief description of the Healthy tooth in the healthy world

The main finale of the every-year programme is the International day for tooth care - which we would like to claim as a part of the project (expected term in April). On that day the identical programme will be taking place in every participant city and town.

The programme of the main event

Students (dressed in white cloaks) are spreading the city. They have informative desks placed at the main spots of the city (main city square, main boulevards etc.). They are addressing the passers-by with offering a short demonstration of accurate brushing techniques and tooth care. Those who accept this offer are instructed by students how to perform oral hygiene appropriately. The instructions are provided on plastic models of oral cavity but people are also offered the brushing techniques to be shown and explained right on them. Those who would accept such on offer would be awarded by small presents - dental tools (tooth brush, tooth paste etc.).

The students will obtain the skills and knowledge needed for project at the special worshops held in their local places. There would be three workshops focuced on different skills (toothbrushing techniques, communication skills, organization issues). Thus students will be awarded not only by unique experience but also they would get some additional education in their field of study.

The International day for tooth care (IDFTC) programme is, as mentioned above, the main part of the whole project. The day would be accompanied by supportive actions months and weeks before. These small acts will be held to gain the public attention for IDFTC. Namely it would be consisting of media campaign - PR articles, press release, interviews with dentists, then the advertising at public places (e.g. public transport). A week before the Day participating students are obliged to organize local press conference at every city hosting the IDFTC programme where the whole project, its goals and benefits would be presented both to media and local city officials. The media outcomes (TV reports, newspaper arctiles, interviews) before the Day as well as during it will be then presented and placed at special website. The whole project is planed as annual - the programme would become traditional way for dental students to promote oral health.

Chairman of the Prophylaxis Committee
Petra Horáková