Telephone, electricity and the Internet


The GSM network works on frequencies of 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. If you are taking your mobile phone with you, make sure that it is able to work on these frequencies.

The international dialling code for the Czech Republic is +420 (00420).

Operators offer prepaid telephone cards which can even be purchased in large hypermarkets (often at the checkout). Be careful to check whether your telephone can only be used for one operator (a so-called blocked device).

Information about telephone numbers is available at (in English). You can call 1188 to find out any information you require about foreign and Czech telephone numbers (operators speak English, German, French, Russian and Slovak).

Calling to the telephone info lines of various companies and government institutions in the Czech Republic, which start with 800, is free.

If you send an SMS, by means of which you wish to pay for a service, the price of the service is generally the last two numbers. You can for example even buy a ticket for public transport in Prague by SMS.

If you do not have a mobile phone with you, you can call from one of the telephone booths which can generally be found on squares, at stations, in Post Offices and similar. You will need small change or a prepaid card to use these.

Electricity network

The electricity network in the Czech Republic has a voltage of 230 V and frequency of 50 Hz. Plug sockets have two round holes and one round pin. If for example you have a universal recharger, all you will need is a simple connector with your system and with the Czech system on the other end. If your appliance works on another voltage or frequency, you will need a more complicated adapter. This can easily be purchased in the Czech Republic or borrowed in a hotel.


Technology for broadband connection to the Internet is widespread in the Czech Republic. You can use all regular technical connection standards.


Wireless connection via Wi-Fi is commonly used. You can easily connect up with a netbook, notebook or smartphone via Wi-Fi in restaurants, cafes, hotels and in many other locations.

Broadband, ADSL, fixed connection

Companies, households and practically all hotels in the Czech Republic commonly have a fast fixed connection available.

Mobile technology

You can also connect to the Internet in the Czech Republic with the aid of mobile technologies. Most large cities are covered with a signal and the level of coverage is gradually increasing. The following technologies are available: UMTS (3G, 4G), EDGE, GPRS and CDMA.

Internet if you do not have a computer or smartphone

Several cafes offer connection to the Internet for a fee, mostly by the hour. Shopping centres sometimes have gaming centres where you can connect up to the Internet. Connections can also be founds in public libraries. Almost all hotels have a computer with Internet connection.

Services on the Internet

You can easily do the following over the Internet in the Czech Republic:

A few tips for Czech websites:


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