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1. Faculty of Medicine

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About University

First Faculty of Medicine represents the largest medical faculty in the Czech Republic. It is an integral part of Charles University in Prague from its foundation in 1348. As such, it is also the oldest medical faculty in Central Europe.

Study programs offered in English: General Medicine (6 year curriculum leading to the Master degree MUDr. - "Medicinae Universae Doctor" (M.D.) = Doctor of General Medicine) and Dentistry (5 year program leading to the aster degree MDDr. - "Medicinae Dentalis Doctor" = Doctor of Dental Medicine).

Annual net tuition fee is: 13.000 EUR for General Medicine and 14.500 EUR for Dentistry. Tuition fee is same for EU and non-EU students. Faculty doesn't provide any scholarships for tuition fee.

Studying of medicine in Europe is different than in the US. In comparison to the US, students in Europe apply for studying of medicine right after obtaining high-school diploma. The study of medicine in Europe is generally spread over 10-12 semesters. Preclinical subjects (pre-medical school) are included in the first two years of the curriculum.
Dentistry is taught from year 1810. Many new treatment procedures were introduced in this world-known facility.

We see dentistry as part of general medicine with broad interdisciplinary-knowledge in our teaching philosophy. We place strong emphasis on the biological basis of oral medicine and to institute multidisciplinary programs of dental research. A unique feature of the curriculum placed dental students in joint classes with medical students of basic science and pathophysiology and for an introduction to clinical medicine on the wards of General teaching hospital Prague.

Thanks to new building (re-open 2008) we have plenty dental offices for practical training. Our students are prepared to start independent dental office in EU immediately after promotion with MDDr. (Doctor of Medical Dentistry) title. Department of dentistry is expanding its postdoctoral educational programs (PhD.), combining advanced clinical and biomedical research training for dentists planning careers in academic dentistry.

Studying medicine or dentistry in Prague is not only a chance to study in a beautiful historical city of Prague which is, according to many people, the most beautiful metropolis. First of all, it is a chance to get MDDr. (equivalent of title - DDS) or MD degree which is accepted both in US and EU at one of the top schools in field of medicine.