Dr. Michal Šujan - 4-handed dentistry 4-you

Dr. Martin Tomeček - Dental photography

Dr. Daniel Černý - Caries excavation and filling therapy

Dr. Josef Kunkela - SKYN concept

Dr. Maxim Belograd - MicroVision restorative: Composite and ceramic challenge

Ondřej Adam - Inspired by function

Dr. Nazariy Mykhaylyuk - MicroVision Prosthetics. Ceramic veneers.



Dr. Iva Voborná - Dental impressions - A-silicones and polyethers

Dr. Miguel David Cevallos Lecaro, Ph.D. - Crown lengthening, suturing

Daniel Dunka - Waxing occlusal anatomy prep for composite

Dr. Martin Kusý - iTOP

Dr. Radoslav Lacina and Michal Ganowicz DDS, PhD - Endodontics


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