Dental Bisection

This is one of the most important events for every dentist. The time has slowly reached the point when your studies turn into their second half. The battle is still not won, but the hard exams, such as anatomy - the horror of all dental and medical students - are already behind you. It wasn't an easy journey, on the contrary, it was full of twists, complications and obstructions.
Then it comes, we are in the middle, older, more clever thanks to our age, able to handle things more or less by ourselves and we hope for better days to come.

This is a great occasion for all those who want to support their fellow students, to pay them back their past support by loud noise, drinking glasses to the bottom, dancing and a good mood. Don't hesitate a bit and come to take part in this event, because you younger ones will once also stand on the platform, and you older ones will get a chance to recall memories and give confidence to those still waiting for their turning point.

A yearly tradition that deserves attention and is considered to be one of the best our med faculty can present. Don't let yourself be urged and do come. It is better to buy tickets beforehand as it really is a well-known event. :)