Czech Dental Chamber

The Czech Dental Chamber (CSK) is an independent, self-governing, non-political professional association that brings together dentists particularly for the purposes of protecting their common interests, expertise, and professional ethics.

Membership of CSK is obligatory; CSK lays down the conditions for running private dental practice, and confirms the satisfaction of the conditions for engaging in the dental profession.

CSK shall keep a public list of members and guest persons, deals with complaints and execute its disciplinary powers toward its members.

CSK has been built on the territorial principle. The basic organisational element is a self-governed Regional Chamber, of which there are currently 61.

The supreme body of the Chamber is the CSK Assembly consisting of 92 members elected by regional dental chambers. The Assembly elects the President, the Vice-President, the Board (15 members), the Auditing Board (7 members) and the Honorary Council (9 members). All bodies are elected for a 4-year term.

CSK manages its business on the basis of a budget, which is approved by the Czech Dental Chamber Assembly every year.

To organise its activities, the CSK sets up secretariats of Regional Chambers, and CSK Office in Prague, where it is based.

To promote the expertise of its members, CSK operates a Training Centre.

CSK is a regular member of many international dental organisations (FDI, ERO - FDI, CED, CECDO and ADEE).

CSK publishes LKS journal, which it distributes free of charge to all its members.

Some 8,000 dentists are currently registered in its membership list.

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