Masaryk University

Faculty of Medicine

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Masaryk University

Brno is the second largest centre of education in the Czech Republic. Currently there are 6 universities in Brno with 27 faculties and more than 80,000 students in regular, full-time study.

Masaryk University is the second largest university in the Czech Republic. It consists of nine Faculties (Law, Medicine, Science, Arts, Education, Economics and Administration, Informatics, Social Studies, and Sports Studies). The total number of students is about 45,000.

Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1919 as one the first faculties of Masaryk University. Presently, the Faculty of Medicine includes 66 institutes and clinics, employing 1077 personnel. In the two faculty hospitals (Faculty Hospital of Brno, St. Anne's Faculty Hospital) there are 3100 beds accessible for teaching. The total number of students is about 4,500.

All the theoretical departments of the Faculty of Medicine are located within the new University Campus that was built between 2000 and 2010 close to the largest Faculty Hospital. The Campus, containing 42,200 m2 of tuition and research space, has gradually become the modern educational, research and development base of Masaryk University.

All the pavilions are equipped with the most up-to-date instruction and laboratory technologies. Besides instruction, there is top-level research with student involvement aking place in many of the institutions. Among the architecturally most interesting developments of this stage of construction is the Library of the University Campus, which forms the heart of the whole campus.

The library's capacity is more than half a million volumes. The various types of study and reading rooms, including computer centres, may seat almost 600 students. The building also involves an academic bookstore and a refreshment room.

Because of its location, the campus is an extension to the large compound of the Faculty Hospital of Bohunice.
Through this connection, the mutual co-operation of the individual institutions in both instruction and research is greatly facilitated. Close to the campus, were also bulit the supporting facilities necessary for living - Campus Square is the centre for business and shopping. The Campus also includes the research and teaching institutions of the Faculties of Science and sports grounds and buildings of the Faculty of Sports Studies

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