The Association SSS ČR would like to invite you to the Representational Dental Ball, which traditionally takes place in the middle of November in Brno.

As every year,we will welcome the freshers, there will be a dance competition, a raffle and many other social trivialities.

If you are new and you are still considering whether to attend this ball, don't think it over for too long. Thanks to good experiences in the past years and organizing abilities of the co-authors of this project, the tickets are gone rather quickly each year. No wonder.

Who wouldn't like a ball in a friendly atmosphere where everyone is part of one big family? When we realize that each year only about a hundred of new dentists-to-be join our ranks, it becomes visible that it's much easier to make new friends, to get a lot of new information about the most agreeable way to get through your studies and last, but not least, to let yourself float peacefully on the waves of well-being combined with omnipresent alcohol.

Don't hesitate and visit the Representational Dental Ball in Brno.