Workshop on Bio statistics

Department of Public Health Dentistry, Government College of Dentistry, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

Research is an integral part of medical education. It is important to do research as well as read and understand research of other. Bio statistics is a very important component of research. No original research is complete without the application of bio statistical principles. Medical students fear this area as they are weak in mathematical concepts. They seek advice from bio statisticians who are good with mathematical concepts but sometimes a gap in communication remains.

With the advent of computer life has become easy for all of us. Computers are being widely used in medical education. Computers may be very helpful in research as well. With the advent of statistical software it has become now possible to perform statistical procedures on the data which they have collected.

SPSS ( Statistical Package for Social Sciences ) is one such software which is being widely used in medical research. This workshop tries to give a hands on experience to the medical students so that they may use this software and research is no longer difficult for them. All medical professionals who want to learn how to process the data they have collected should attend this program. The program intends to make data analysis easy so that more and more research is carried out and students do not fear doing research.

The presenter of this program is Dr. Puneet Gupta (Master of Dental Surgery - Public Health Dentist) from India. He is working as a research consultant and has helped many medical and dental researchers with data analysis and other aspects of research. He is a passionate teacher and wishes to spread knowledge. He can be contacted at


Dr. Puneet Gupta

Dr Puneet Gupta , is a researcher by profession and teacher by passion. He has completed his BDS from Manipal University and MDS in Public Health Dentistry from RGUHS, Bangalore. He has keen interest in the area of research. He has trained himself in the area through various workshops. He has been working as a Research Consultant helping numerous UG and PG Medical , Dental and other health professionals conduct and interpret research scientifically. Of late he has shown keen interest in training young medical professionals in the area of research. He has been conducting national and international workshops and lectures on topics like Biostats, Epidemiology, Evidence Based Medicine etc.

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