Social program is shaping up!

Author: webmaster

Dear participants,

are you also excited and ready to start? We can assure you that there will be a lot you can be looking for and we are almost ready!

So how is it going to be?

On Thursday we'll meet in a brewery where you will get to have some beer, something to eat as well and you´ll meet the other participants. We hope to see all of you!:)

On Friday, there will be our Opening Ceremony and it will take place in The Brno House of Arts. After a long day full of lectures and worshops, we will enjoy art, piano music and a great time. There will be an exposition exclusivelly for us, a decent dinner and great Moravian wine.

We will have another Exchange Fair this year (on Saturday)! We thought it would be nice to learn more about each other's home countries. So we decided to organize an event where you get to taste food and drinks from your friends' countries. It is the time when you can present your culture, you get a table and what you put on it is totally up to you. So don't forget to bring typical drinks and food with you to surprise your new friends! It is also our last night we spend together so we have to say goodbye to each other in the right way. We will meet at 20.00 in Trojka. And it is our last day so we can end whenever we want to - maybe like last year - waiting for the sunrise...