Social program

Thursday 29. 3. 2012

First night you will get warm welcome from us. For this opportunity we have chosen music club Abajo. In the pleasant atmosphere of the club you can enjoy good music played by our Dj, dance, drink a have a lot of fun. The modern club is situated in the centre of Brno. Surely you will like it for its style, the bars are close at hand and an effective lighting. During the night we will play together many games that will get you rid of ihibitions and entertain you all at once. To make you more interested in it, some of you will be rewarded. Get the best of you! The congress is not all about the lectures or workshops, the social part is important too. You will have the gorgeous occasion to make new friendships, perfect view who is sitting next to you at the lecture and you will feel comfortable among other participants.

Friday 30. 3. 2012

Next evening belongs to the Opening ceremony. By the ceremony you will come through our czech traditions and habits. In the backround of the traditional dancers Slovácký soubor Lúčka ze Svatobořic-Mistřína in accompaniment with Dulcimer music Ligniťan z Dubňan you will spend incomparable night. Please take your evening suit with and empathize with our lifestyle for the one night!

Saturday 31. 3. 2012

Last night you will need a little bit relax and more fun. As you already sense, it is the perfect time for carnival. It will be held in one of the parts of Vinařská college, few steps from your hotel room. The theme of this carnival is ,,Incognito". And how does the right mask look like? We would like you to hide your face and according to your face you can adjust your
costume. By hiding your face we intend to either wear one of the Venetiant mask or paint your face by various colours in style of the elegance like these masks. The point is that you may not recognize the people with whom you spent the time at congress, so you have to look for them longer or you aquaint more people. Let´s engage your imagination! Famous carnival like in Venice with the amazing participant of congress ... what else you would like to want more than this?