SKYN concept


MUDr. Josef Kunkela

Nowadays technologies are developing really quickly and Dentistry isn't an exception. Digital technologies in dentistry allow us to work more effectively and faster. Thanks to these technologies we can change patients´ smiles in a way which wasn't possible before.This lecture will show you the most advanced concepts and trends in the digital world of Dentistry. What is a SKYN concept? SKYN concept is a modern way how to change patient´s aesthetics. There is a library with a lot of different shapes of teeth involved in this concept and you can choose the best shape for each patient. SKYN concept is considered better - compared to a normal lab because every technican can make only some shapes of teeth that are mostly similar. Dr. Kunkela has worked with CAD/CAM technology (Cerec) for a long time and he has had a lot of lectures in the Czech Republic and abroad.