The Czech Republic is a safe European country, but despite this, it is advisable to be cautious just like in any other large European city. Being careful and sticking to certain safety principles are all part of a pleasantly spent holiday.


Pickpockets are a problem in all large European cities. Although the police area able to trace and punish theft, they are mostly not successful when this concerns minor cases of theft. For this reason, you should pay attention to your handbag, bag or pockets in places where there are a lot of people and when in restaurants, put your things down where you can see them.

If you are the victim of theft, contact the police and your embassy (for replacement documents). You will significantly simplify the situation if your documents are stolen by having copies of them available.

Taxi services

Problems occurred in the past, especially in the capital, with dishonest taxi drivers. A tried and tested course of action is now to order a taxi via a dispatching centre. You will then not risk any problems. It is also possible to ask in advance for an estimate of the final price and to ask for a receipt when you reach your destination.

Con men

You may come across false heart-breaking stories from people who want to entice money from you on the street, or dishonest traders, for example a bureau de change with a disadvantageous exchange rate. However, the situation in the Czech Republic is no different from the European average, so you have nothing to fear.

Sources: Czech Tourism