A Welcome for Freshers in Brno

We all remember our first week at school. Everything was new, the school premises, the fellow students and teachers. Each of us was grateful for any kind of advice or help we got. That all is the reason why our Association organizes a yearly event, Sectator Schola

What exactly is Sectator schola?

It all begins with a talk about our university, the teachers, the Association and the possibilities you have during your studies. Then we move to a nearby pub with a lot of good music, drinks and fun to confirm everything that was said. For the lucky ones who manage to survive the evening, there is an orienteering competition planned for the next day.

The Orienteering Competition

Don't worry. Our orienteering competition is not about speed or finding the North direction. Everyone who manages to get to the finish either on two or four legs is a winner. Each competitor gets a map with marked sites and his or her task is to collect stamps given at each of them. And what do you have to do to get the stamp? It's quite easy, you only have to refresh yourself with a tasty beverage.