Manipal International Dental Summer Training 2016 (MIDST)

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Milí členové,

přišla nám pozvánka na další tentokrát Letní Training v Indii letos v srpnu! Zajímavý program a spoustu nových přátel!
Pokud vás tato nabídka zaujala, čtěte dál!

I am pleased to send you the official flyer and invitation for the Manipal International Dental Summer Training 2016.

The program is primarily meant for dental students in their clinical years to get a glimpse of dentistry as practiced in India. There is a scientific symposium and a poster presentation competition as well on the final day of the program. The fee mentioned includes food (3 meals a day), accommodation (single bed, air conditioned) and local transport. Interested students are requested to arrange for their flights till Mangalore International Airport (IXE) and we shall take care of them from there.
For any further query, they can contact the numbers provided on the flyer.
We also welcome dental schools who would like to establish a student exchange program through the medium of MIDST.

Datum: 18. 8. - 28. 8. 2016
Cena: 349 Eur

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