MicroVision restorative: Composite and ceramic challenge


Dr. Maxim Belograd

It´s a big honour for us to announce that a talented Dr. Maxim Belograd accepted our invitation! Dr. Belograd has lectured all over the world and now it´s time to show you a bit of his „MicroVision concept" in the Czech Republic. We chose a topic called „Composite and ceramic challenge"! So if you are interested in a minimally invasive approach in Dentistry, you chose the right place! It´s time for a big challenge!
The lecture will compare these two very well-known and used materials. Many dentists ask themselves questions like when to use a direct or an indirect approach. Dr. Maxim Belograd will show you his results! And believe us - there´s a lot to be looking for! Are you ready for it??