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Brno is the second largest city of the Czech Republic, it has nearly 370.000 inhabitants. It lies in the central part of Europe and as Prague is called "the heart of Europe", Brno is called "the heart of South Moravia". Brno as a city was established in the 13th century, but the first signs of settlement dated to 5th century. Therefore the city is an important historical centre. But as we try to preserve sights and keep our traditions we also try to evolve and keep updated.


Masaryk University is one of the most rapidly developing teaching and research institution in Central Europe. The university was founded in 1919 and named after the first president of the newly independent Czechoslovakia, T.G. Masaryk. Since then students and professors have been trying to higher its´ educational quality. Initially the university had only four faculties (the Faculties of Law, Medicine, Science and Arts). Today Masaryk University with its´ nine faculties is the largest university in Moravia. Recently the new university campus, a modern teaching and research complex, has been built in Brno-Bohunice. Campus offer surroundings for the whole academia. Lectures and practice take place here. Besides that students can find there everything they need such a library with computer center, canteen or shops. Our university is tempting not only for Czech students but also for the foreigners, whom we are very glad about; because it gives us opportunities to meet new people and widen our horizons.

Medicine and Dentistry

The Faculty of Medicine was present at the birth of the university and its priority has been the education of doctors, dentists and other specialists in the health sector. Dentistry itself came through many changes during the history of our faculty. Nowadays the Dentistry degree program lasts five years and after graduation you can open your own practice. In our field of study it is very important to have as many practice as possible and I think that our university is offering us a lot of possibilities how to become enough experienced dentist.

Czech Dental Student Association

Talking about opportunities I would like to give my special thanks to the dental students' organization called Czech Dental Student Association, which widens our horizons even more. CDSA organize both educational and social events for dental students and, furthermore, it enables us to go for various exchanges thanks to its membership within IADS (International Association of Dental Students). I am very happy that I can study dentistry at Masaryk University and also that I can be a part of such a great team of people who represent our association and IADS.

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Kateřina Miklišová
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