Social program of the International Dental Student Congress 2013

Ladies and gentelmen, dear colleagues, we would like to invite you to our second year of our International Dental Student Congress 2013.

What brings this year of the Congress to you? Another worskshops-you can improve your skills, at the lectures you will learn something interesting surely. Nevetheless the right time for social life seems to be the evening!

Thursday 21.3.2013

The first night you can look forward to the party! After the long day on the road, we would like you to get a little rest and get ready for the next day. We will show you the night life in Brno.

The party will take place in the famous club called Mandarin. The club is divided into two parts. The first room is characterized by the bar and a leisurely place where you will feel comfortable and get acquaint with the other participants. The next room most of you will surely love. It is the dance floor.

To this opportunity the social committee has prepared one funny competition-are you in?Don´t worry you won´t be bored. In addition to this evening we have planned something special. For those of you who will stay till the midnight turns up a surprise. You can guess what? ... but the answer you will find out here 

 r  r  r  

Friday 22.3.2013

Next evening takes place the Opening Ceremony of the Congress. You will be official welcomed at the Congress.

The evening will be situated in hotel Continental and will begin by some nice and warm speeches of our major functionaries from Masaryk University, Czech Dental Chamber and our lecturers at the Congress. Within the ceremony we will present you the our Czech Dental Students Association, our little and nice city and then will follow some speeches by the chairman of the International Dental Student Congress and the prezident of Czech Dental Student Association. During this evening you will be accompanied with our amazing comperes.

After that we will move on to your entertaiment. The rest of the night you can enjoy the company of the musical band Megafon and our Dj Víťa. For this occasion we would like to ask you to take your evening gown with.

 r  r  r  

Saturday 23.3.2013

The last night will be held the Exchange Fair. This event is concidered as a very popular amusement. Every country will get a stand, where delegates can present their national foods, drinks, clothes, brochures, posters, little souvenirs, everything what is typical for your own country. You can also tell us more about your traditions or even show something. If you were really interested in it, you can make a short video or bring the music with. Take the challenge and prepare the best presentation of your sweet home!

In addition to this you will have an opportunity to visit our traditional brewery Starobrno which history dates to the year 1325. In the fourteenth century was Brno privileged by king Václav I. to produce the beer.

The night will be Legen...Wait for it ... Dary!

 r  r    

Sunday 24.3.2013

On Sunday you can take part in sightseeing tour in Brno and use your gained knowledges about our city from the previously days. This day you will spent in company of the guides Peter and Peter.


Would you miss this chance? The chance to make new friendships, be more qualified and get new point of thinking about the dental problematics. And maybe you will find another inspiration to your future.Your social committee works hardly on your free time fun!

Kristýna and Filip.