Social program of the International Dental Student Congress 2015

Ladies and gentelmen, dear colleagues, we would like to invite you to our fourth year of our International Dental Student Congress 2015.

What brings this year of the Congress to you? Another worskshops-you can improve your skills, at the lectures you will learn something interesting surely. Nevetheless the right time for social life seems to be the evening!

Thursday, the 1st day

Feel excited to meet those people you will sit next to on lectures and workshops for next couple of days? If yes, keep on reading and come to meet all of us to the first evening event of this year's congress.
Come to „Hodoválek Czech Restaurant, Pekařská 29". Go to „Lipová" (city transport stop) and get on the tram (no. 1) or trolleybus (no. 25, 26, 37) that take you to „Mendlovo náměstí", change for tram no. 5 or 6 and go to „Šilingrovo náměstí". Turn yourself down the hill and go 200 metres until you meet stairs. Next to those stairs you can see your final destination.
We hope to see all of you!

Friday, the Opening Ceremony

Dear friends, our Opening Ceremony takes place in Moravian Gallery, in a must see Governor's palace (Místodržitelský palác). What can you look forward to? Meeting your new friends, visiting an exposition open exclusively for us with a piano music as a background, delicate dinner and great Moravian wine.
How do get to the place? It's quite simple. If you go from the hotel, you get on the tram or troleylbus that goes to „Mendlovo náměstí"( tram no. 1, trolleybus no. 25, 26, 37), there you change for tram (tram no. 5, 6) going to „Česká", a tram stop in the city center. As you get off the tram you'll see a marvelous church of St. Thomas, right on the right side of the church, you'll find an interesting old house, and yes, you're right, this is the end of your today's evening trip. Just enter the door and let the arrows lead you to the right place.
We start at 19.00, end is scheduled at 1.00.


Saturday, the Exchange Fair

What would you like to do on the last evening of the congress? We thought it would be nice to learn more about each other's home countries as there are quite few nations participating. And so we organize an Exchange Fair which is an event where you get to taste food and drinks from your friends' countries. This is when you can present your culture, you get a table and what you put on it is just up to you. So don't forget to bring typical drinks and food you packed to your suitcase. It is also our last night we spend together so we have to say goodbye in the right way
We will meet at 20.00 in the dorms buffet. When do we end? Nobody can tell. Last year we ended up at the city walls waiting for sun to come up. And we would love to make this thing a tradition.

Sunday, the Sightseeing day

The tough ones who will fight the lack of sleep with fun are given an opportunity to get a guided tour of the city centre. Your guide will be a nice Fun Committee member.



Would you miss this chance? The chance to make new friendships, be more qualified and get new point of thinking about the dental problematics. And maybe you will find another inspiration to your future.Your social committee works hardly on your free time fun!

Your Organizing Commitee