Congress Program

You can be looking forward to lectures on prosthodontics, parodontology, conservative and preventive dentistry and imaging technologies. You can attend workshops on various topic sand these would be handling composites with loupes, orthodontic therapy and so on. We are preparing also workshop on prosthodontics (CAD/CAM) and surgery (suturing/sinus lift).


The Autotransplantation of teeth in dental implants century.(doc. Dr. Martin Starosta, , Czech Republic)

There is something around the tooth (Dr. Ingmar Dobberstein, DMD., Germany)




Hands-on Composites (Dr. Mutňanský, Dr. Buchta)

Orthodontics workshop (Dr. Karolína Floryková, Czech Republic)

Sinus lift workshop ( MUDr. Jaroslav Valach, Ph.D.)

Lasers (Czech Republic)

Endodontics (Dr. Petr Kučera, Czech Republic)

Diagnostics, complex treatment planning (Dr. Ochonský)