Technological Resources and Biological Concepts in Minimally Invasive Endodontics

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Renato De Toledo Leonardo

Course Description:

This course is ideal for the progressive general practitioner with a minimally invasive practice. Along with clear demonstrations and an educational presentation, lecture along with hands-on training- participants can expect information about vital and non-vital pulp therapy, the Endo-Eze AET and TiLOS File Systems, and the EndoREZ Obturation System, featuring Apically Delivered Obturation. The lecture will illustrate a hybrid approach with oscillating/reciprocating and hand instrumentation of the root canal system, as well as root canal filling materials and techniques. It will also discuss success criteria in endodontics and endodontic microbiota.

Course Benefits include:

Following this course, clinicians will recognize the importance of:



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