MUDr. Jaroslav Valach, Ph.D.


2002 - Graduate Faculty - General Medicine, Charles University in Prague, Faculty in Hradec Kralove and Military Medical Academy

2008 - Graduate Faculty - Dental Medicine, Charles University in Prague, The First Faculty of Medicine

2/2014 - Graduate Studies Ph.D. Program - Experimental Surgery , participation in grant project NP VII 2B 06106, molecular biology of head and neck cancer


2002-2005 General Surgery, Military Hospital, Prague.

2005 - until now - Senior House Officer and Teacher of Department of Stomatology, The First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, Maxilofacial Surgery, specialization in dental implantology and esthetic rehabilitation by facial prosthesis using dental implants.


European Association for CranioMaxilofacial Surgery
International Team for Implantology.

Foreign study

8/2000 Taipei Medical College Hospital,Taiwan

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