Exchange Programme

General info

Availible cities/universities: Charles University Pilsen, Masaryk University Brno, Palacký University Olomouc

Best period for exchange:

Exams period:

Exchange duration: 1 week - 4 weeks (possible to stay longer for sightseeing)
Language requirements: english
Deadline for applications: 3 months in advance
Form of application required: IADS Application Form with passport number and photo
Deadline for confirmation: 1 month in advance
Type of exchange: unilateral/bilateral
Number incomings accepted per year: depends on each school
Clinical work possibilities: observing, assisting
Social program: organized by LEO

Estimated cost of exchange:

accommodation: 200-300 Czk per night (Prague), 115-150 Czk per night (Brno)
public transport: Prague 550 CZK (same price 1-4weeks), Brno 265 CZK (same price 1-4 weeks)
food: lunch costs about 80-150 Czk in restaurant, 30-60 Czk in student canteen
bread 20 Czk, milk 15 Czk, Cola (2l) 35 Czk, McDonalds chickenburger 30 Czk, Beer 25-90 Czk
pocket money: 200 Czk per day
spare time costs: cinema 130-180 Czk, disco 0-150 Czk
Insurance policy requirements: yes (ISIC or EURO<26 cards are ok)
Remarks: ISIC acceptable, white trousers and T-shirt needed

IADS member info

Type of membership: full country membership
Association: SSSCR - Sdruzeni studentu stomatologie Ceske republiky (Czech Dental Students Association)
Address: Děkanát LFUK v Plzni, Husova 3, 306 05 Plzeň, Czech republic
Telephone: 00420 773 685 496
Number of Dental schools: 5
Number of students: 1400

NEO Contact details:

Name: Nicola and Leona Reinhold
Mob: 00420 777 746 090/091
University/School: Palacký University,Olomouc