Dr. Hytham Abdel - Aziz

He works as a demonstrator at the department of Endodontics, faculty of dentistry, Alexandria University.
He had his BDS (bachelor of dental surgery ) from the faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria university, 2009.
Besides, he studied and is currently a researcher in the field of peace education and culture of peace.
Also, Dr. Hytham designed and facilitated various trainings on culture of dialogue and inter cultural communication, amongst them a training addressing public of different age ranges, within informal education programs Umbrella and international training workshops and courses.
He is the head coordinator of the Sehetna Egypt health educators group, which exists now in 26 governorates in Egypt. In addition, he was responsible for conducting health educative formal and informal projects in Alexandria, and recently Egypt CEO of the coordinating health project of Sonaa el Hayat youth group, raising community awareness of health education with all of its strata.
Dr. Hytham studied and practiced Egyptian sign language and did several trainings on the cognition and interpretation of this communicative route to several attendees.