Diagnosis in endodontics

Dr. Bogdan Moldoveanu DMD, MDSc, PhD stud.

Clinicians often neglect diagnosis in endodontics; the main argument being that regardless of the level of affliction that the pulp or the periapical tissue has sustained the therapy remains quite the same. Surpassing the general beliefs, the modern clinician must understand that just like in any other medical field, in endodontics, a correct diagnosis at the beginning of the therapy is of the utmost importance. Knowing why we do what we do, can better help us understand the difficulties that one may encounter and it will allow us to properly evaluate the prognosis of the treated tooth. The patient has every right to be informed about the disease, about the treatment options and techniques and about the real prognosis. Without a correct diagnostic session and without knowing what we are actually treating we may never completely understand what we are hoping to achieve. Probably the oldest but sill the most accurate paradigm in dental medicine remains Diagnosis- Treatment-Follow Up

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