Dental photography


MUDr. Martin Tomeček

Dental Photography nowadays has a huge influence for Modern Dentistry for these reasons:
A. It's one of the best ways how to document your work.
B. Photography can be used as the most powerful instrument in communication with patients - individually during treatment planing or even publicly on your web pages.
C. Photography takes its irreplaceable place in comprehensive planing, if the treatment is supposed to be functional, esthetic and predictable.
D. Photography is both easiest and most effective way of communication with dental laboratory, namely for optical behavior of dental tissues or materials.
E. Your patients can always see what was done, what they paid for and also can be easily reminded what was the starting point.
F. Photography gives the most truthful feedback namely for esthetics of dental treatment. If there is a lot to learn from own mistakes, then photography is the right instrument of professional growth.
G. Sharing your clinical cases gives you opportunity to discuss with your colleagues their experiences and advices.
H. Creating your database of photographs will become the basis for your own publication activity and congress participation.


Despite its growing importance, knowledge of dental photography during pre graduate education is still missing or just shallow. Dr. Martin Tomeček is going to have a great theoretical lecture where you can learn how to choose a right camera and another equipment. He will show you how to make beautiful photos and how to organize them into a photographic protocol.