Workshop - communication, presentation and public speaking

Shaking, shivering, actually terrified. These are the words that come to our minds when we remember standing before public for the first time to hold a speech.

How to develop this situation from merely a talk to a journey for the audience and the speaker, that is what we will learn in the Public Speaking course.

Course outline:


Dr. Hytham Abdel-Aziz

Works as a demonstrator at the department of endodontics, faculty of dentistry, Alexandria university
He holds a BDS ( bachelor of dental surgery ) from the faculty of dentistry, Alexandria university, 2009.
Studied and is currently a researcher in the field of peace education and culture of peace.

Designed and facilitated various trainings on culture of dialogue and inter cultural communication, amongst them the training addressing the public of different age range and the staff of the bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Founder and head coordinator of the Se7etna Alexandria health educators group, responsible for conducting health educative formal and informal projects in Alexandria, directed towards the community with all of it's strata.
Studied and practiced Egyptian sign language and did several trainings on the cognition and interpretation of this communicative route to bibliotheca Alexandrina staff.

Hytham is known for being enthusiastic and for letting the audience and himself enjoy the experience they live through.

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