Combination of Orthognathic Surgery and Dental Implantology

Assoc. Prof. Rene Foltan, MD, DMD, PhD, FEBOMFS
Head of Dep. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague

Dental implants are widely recognized replacements of missing teeth. The prosthodontics driven implant placement is up to date concept in modern dental implantology. Dental implants are placed to the ideal position for future prosthetics. The basic aim of the implantologist is to obtain minimum unnecessary volume of bone. We used a various augmentation techniques, for this. In some distinguish cases there is even with vide augmentation very difficult to place implants to the ideal position because of discrepancy in jaws positions. In these cases we have to combine Orthognathic surgery as a technique to normalize position of jaws together and to the scull base with replacement of missing teeth by dental implants. Presentation will be focused on these very challenging advanced implantology cases with explanation of basic principles and our experiences.