Caries excavation and filling therapy

MUDr. Daniel Černý
(2 hours)


Caries excavation may seem to all of you as a well-known topic which is taught enough at dental faculties as a basic knowledge of a young dentist.
However, not every graduate can clean the cavity well and there are huge differences even among experienced dentists - in their techniques, procedures and last but not least in their final results. Do you know how to recognize carious or demineralized dentine? How to safely use caries detector?
In this part of the lecture Dr. Černý will explain his "know-how" and the best solutions and procedures for your everyday practice.

The filling therapy will be discussed in the second part of the lecture.
Which materials are the best ones for permanent fillings nowadays?
What is a "trilaminar technique"?
How to prevent failures and "pain after treatment" by understanding contraction during polymerization?
Practical tips & tricks for your very best fillings!