Augmentation techniques in implant dentistry

MUDr. Martin Tomeček

Implantology is a field on the border between dental prosthetics and surgery. The placement of enosseal implants plays a crucial role in prosthetic planning ("prosthetic driven implantology"). Misplaced implant in the subsequent phase complicates or even makes impossible to make functional and aesthetic restorations. However, for ideal implant placement, there is often lack of good conditions( atrophy of the alveolar ridge is the most common defect with which the surgeon encounters). In this lecture we will go through the main types of defects of the alveolar ridge and the mechanisms which lead to the atrophy. Furthermore, we are going to clarify a diagnostic procedure for determining adequate procedure of augmentation and implantation (single or two-phase implantation). We are going to describe the principles of particular augmentation techniques and basic overview of augmentation materials. Everything will be documented on clinical cases and demonstrations.