Magazine StuDent

The magazine's print run is 1300 copies each semester. It is distributed for free to all students of dentistry in the Czech Republic. There is also a possibility for dentists to subscribe; so the StuDent magazine also appears in Czech dentists' consulting rooms. It contains scientific papers, news, invitations to scientific and cultural events, contributions about internships abroad and also space for SSS ČR sponsors.

We will be very grateful if you decide to support our magazine by advertising.


Colored A4 inside the magazine ... 15 000,- Kč
Colored A4 on the inner page of the wrapper ... 20 000,- Kč
Colored A4 on the back page of the wrapper ... 25 000,- Kč
Colored A4 on the outer page of the wrapper ... 50 000,- Kč

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